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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

To apply for the Master of Business Administration (Finance), you are required to have:

  • Completion of an Australian Bachelor degree (or equivalent) in a similar discipline; OR
  • Completion of an Australian Graduate Certificate (or equivalent) in a similar discipline; OR
  • Applicants without an undergraduate qualification may be admitted to the Graduate Certificate (in the same discipline) based on approved work experience. Upon completion of the Graduate Certificate, graduates will be eligible for admission to this course with credit granted for completed units.

Advanced Standing

You may be eligible to enter into the Master of Business Administration (Finance) with credit for past skills and/or study, known as advanced standing.
If you've already completed any of the units in the course in which you are enrolling, or their equivalent, you may be eligible for advanced standing. Learn more about Advanced Standing here.

Units of study

Units of study

VU Online’s MBA (Finance) includes four specialist Finance units and eight core business units, equipping you with the skills for current and future financial management and leadership roles. You will also complete a practical, multi-faceted capstone project. Each unit of study lasts for seven weeks.

For more information about the units of study, download a brochure.

Financial Analysis (BAO5734)

Understand the effective and efficient use of financial statement information for business analysis. This unit enables you to identify and evaluate key framework components and apply them to a variety of complex decision-making contexts including security analysis, credit analysis, corporate financing policies analysis, merger and acquisition analysis, and management communications analysis.
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Accounting and Financial Management (BAO6000)

Learn how to assess information and business support systems to monitor issues, problems and opportunities affecting businesses. This unit enables you to evaluate accounting information, analyse financial reports to inform users of business performance and position, and verify and synthesise information required for short- and long-term decision-making, and articulate and devise problem-solving techniques for making informed management decisions.
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Corporate Finance (BAO7000)

Learn and develop the necessary skills for making value-changing financial decisions to maximise an organisation’s value. Learn to demonstrate, analyse and apply knowledge of finance theories, practices and markets when making decisions. Critically analyse and solve problems related to the decisions of the corporate manager and gain a clear understanding of the theories underlying the operation of financial markets and relevant asset pricing models for strategic corporate transactions.
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Advanced Finance (BAO7001)

Gain a clear understanding of research methodologies and data sets commonly used when researching corporate finance. Be able to critically evaluate issues that arise when raising debt finance and leasing arrangements. Justify financial decision-making through demonstration of the correct use of analytical tools and frameworks, and be able to argue how an organisation can employ different risk management instruments to hedge against financial risks.
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Business Consulting (BMO7005)

This unit focuses on the key knowledge and skills required for successful business consulting. It will synthesise and leverage the competencies you have acquired in your earlier studies, which encompass accounting and finance, marketing, human resources and organisational change management, strategy and data analysis. The unit aims to develop capabilities which will allow you to pursue a career in consulting, or act as an effective internal consultant within an organisation. You will apply knowledge and skills acquired in the previous units of the course to effectively design, research and manage a business consulting project, deliver solutions and present practical recommendations to meet the needs of a real-world client, in an ethical manner. You will be involved in authentic engagement with a client and receive industry feedback, or draw on an industry case study, to address a complex business challenge. You will enhance your research and interpersonal skills, including problem-solving, collaboration, communication, customer-orientation and influencing.
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Strategic Human Resource Management (BMO5572)

This unit critically examines the extent to which human resource management is strategic to organizational success in a global context. Alternative models of business strategy and the integration of human resource management are considered.
There will be a focus on strategic international human resource management and the issues facing organizations that operate in the international environment.
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Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship (BMO6622)

This unit investigates theoretical concepts of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship and the skills and competencies to apply this knowledge effectively to diagnoses the need for, identify and leverage an opportunity and create solutions to contemporary business or societal challenges both locally and globally.
Contemporary scenarios and examples are given to enable students to apply developing knowledge to create an entrepreneurial venture that generates economic, social or environmental benefit and which is sustainable.
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Marketing Management (BMO6505)

This unit aims to critically review the major decisions faced by marketing decision makers in their efforts to harmonize the organization's objectives, capabilities, and resources with marketplace needs and opportunities.
This unit allows students to evaluate contemporary practices of marketing: the creation of value for customers and firms and the strategies and methods marketers use to successfully operate in today's dynamic environment.
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Business Ethics and Sustainability (BMO5501)

This unit critically reviews the socio-cultural environment in which business operates.
Ethical frameworks for decision making will be critiqued and students will construct the debates surrounding contemporary corporate responsibility and sustainable development as they impact on organisations in their local and global contexts.
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Strategic Management and Business Policy (BMO6511)

Strategic Management examines the decisions, actions and processes undertaken by firms for success, growth and change in a business environment.
This unit of study will explore the principal elements in external and internal environments which impact on organisations and consider how current theoretical frameworks and the interdisciplinary and professional knowledge base respond to complex issues.
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Art and Practice of Leadership (BMO6050)

The unit examines the contextual challenges facing leaders, seeking to develop a deep personal understanding of leadership as a complex process of scanning the environment and setting the direction, and achieving organisational goals through influencing people both inside and outside the organisation.
The dynamics of interpersonal power are investigated, with particular attention given to the leader as a social architect, implicit in the concepts of transformational and (values-based) authentic leadership.
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Supply and Demand Strategy for Pricing (BEO7001)

Understanding customer demand is essential to business success, and supply and demand modelling is a cornerstone of economics and business modelling. Determine viable pricing is fundamental to pricing and production decisions. Supply and demand modelling also informs, and is informed by, the decisions of rivals. 

Career options

Career options

Step up to a middle or senior financial management role with an online MBA (Finance). Our graduates have undertaken diverse and rewarding career paths both locally and overseas.

Typical job titles

  • Chief Executive Officer 
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Head of Finance
  • Director of Business Development
  • Senior Managing Consultant
  • Strategic Planning Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Financial Director


Student support

Student support

VU Online provides you with the support you need, when you need it, throughout the course. With four layers of student support, our goal is to ensure you succeed in your studies.

Our highly experienced academics understand how to deliver a quality online learning experience and are highly responsive and accessible.

You will also have access to a dedicated Student Success Advisor, who provides motivation and one-on-one personalised assistance with non-academic matters for the duration of the course. You will experience the support of a community through chat, virtual seminars and discussion board activity. Your support network is only a phone call or email away.