Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

Career options

From taking the leap to a middle or senior management role to effectively running your own small business, a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration will give you an edge and help progress your business career to the next level.

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

  • Completion of an Australian bachelor/honours degree (or equivalent) in a similar discipline; OR
  • A minimum of five (5) years approved work experience will be considered for admission to this course. Applicants will be required to submit a curriculum vitae (CV).
Units of study

Units of study

VU Online’s Graduate Certificate in Business Administration covers four core areas of business and management, equipping you with the understanding and industry knowledge expected of future workplace leaders.

  • Strategic Management and Business Policy
  • Business Ethics and Sustainability
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Analysis

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Career options

Career options

Graduates of VU Online’s Graduate Certificate in Business Administration are well placed to make their next career move.

From taking the leap to a middle or senior management role to effectively running your own small business, a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration will give you an edge and help progress your business career to the next level.

Typical job titles:

  • Account Executive
  • Project Manager
  • Systems Manager
  • Financial Project Manager
  • Marketing Manager

How online study works

Studying with VU Online means that you can undertake postgraduate study without having to attend on-campus classes. This makes it easy to fit study around work, family and other life commitments.

You will be able to access your coursework, resources, assignment details and individual feedback from facilitators, all from your online learning environment, VU Collaborate. Chat with fellow students, compare research notes and engage with learning materials—it’s all possible with our seamless, community-focused platform.

This degree is offered through VU Online’s postgraduate Block Model®, winner of consecutive LearnX Live! Awards. Instead of taking two or three units a semester, you will study one unit at a time in six study periods per year, offering more flexibility than traditional on-campus degrees. Learn about our postgraduate online Block Model® with this YouTube video.

Learn about our postgraduate online Block Model and how it can empower you to create your own success story.

Course information

View entry requirements, career options and what’s available to you, through our extensive student support network below.

Entry requirements

  • Completion of an Australian Bachelor degree (or equivalent) in any discipline; OR
  • Applicants with a minimum five (5) years approved work experience will be considered for admission to this course.

Student support

VU Online provides you with the support you need, when you need it, during your course. Our support network has a single focus on ensuring you are entirely supported to succeed in your studies.

Our highly experienced academics are responsive and accessible and understand how to deliver a quality online learning experience. You will also be introduced to your very own Student Success Advisor, who provides motivation and one-on-one personalised assistance with non-academic matters throughout your course.

You’ll experience the support of your community through chat, virtual seminars and discussion board activity. Remember, your support network is only a phone call and email away.

Fees and FEE-Help

A Graduate Certificate in Business Administration from VU Online costs $3,800 per unit*, taking the total for 4 units to $15,200*.

This depends on the number of units you study and whether you are eligible for Advanced Standing, which is assessed after you submit your application.

Note that you may be eligible for the Australian Government’s loan scheme, FEE-HELP. The loans are available to assist eligible full-fee paying students with the cost of a university program. It can be used for all or part of the tuition. To determine your eligibility, visit the FEE-HELP website.

*2024 student fees are shown and are subject to change.

For more information on fees and student support, download a brochure.

How to apply

VU online has simplified the application process, involving just three key steps.

  1. Speak to one of our Student Enrolment Advisors, who will help you determine your eligibility for the program and whether it suits your career goals. Our advisor will keep you informed of all the application requirements and what to expect during the process. They can also suggest flexible study plans for your circumstances.
  2. Begin your online application and submit the required documentation. This may include a copy of your CV and academic transcript.
  3. Upon completing your application, you will receive a confirmation email or an email letting you know if you need to provide any additional information.

What you'll study

VU Online’s Graduate Certificate in Business Administration covers four core areas of business and management, equipping you with the understanding and industry knowledge expected of future workplace leaders.

Strategic Management and Business Policy

Strategic Management examines the decisions, actions and processes undertaken by firms for success, growth and change in a business environment. Managers at all levels are involved in the strategic management process and must be able to utilise an advanced body of knowledge and skills to plan and problem solve in this area.

This unit of study will explore the principal elements in external and internal environments which impact on organisations and consider how current theoretical frameworks and the interdisciplinary and professional knowledge base respond to complex issues. High level analytical and planning skills will be required to prepare relevant business plans.

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Business Ethics and Sustainability

This unit critically reviews the socio-cultural environment in which business operates. Ethical frameworks for decision making will be critiqued and students will construct the debates surrounding contemporary corporate responsibility and sustainable development as they impact on organisations in their local and global contexts. Emphasis will be on how new pressures on businesses arise, and how effective the various models that structure organisational responses are to these dynamic and emergent challenges. Students will understand the importance of various United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) relating to governance, operations and culture through evidence-based research, case analysis, and evaluation, in understanding the importance of the SDGs.

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Marketing Management

This unit aims to critically review the major decisions faced by marketing decision makers in their efforts to harmonise the organisation’s objectives, capabilities, and resources with marketplace needs and opportunities. This unit allows students to evaluate contemporary practices of marketing: the creation of value for customers and firms, along with the strategies and methods marketers use to successfully operate in today's dynamic environment. The unit reflects on the major trends in the managerial practice of marketing and the teaching pedagogy is crafted around applied learning content, case study analysis, collaborative decision making and reflective reasoning.

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Financial Analysis

Financial acumen is an important skill for managers in the complex local and global business environment. The unit takes a multidisciplinary approach to develop advanced analytical, planning and decision making skills. This unit proposes a theoretical framework for effective and efficient use of financial statement information for business analysis. It identifies and evaluates: financial statements, business strategies, financial data, and growth of the business. This framework is then applied to a variety of complex decision making contexts including security analysis, credit analysis, merger and acquisition analysis, and management communications analysis.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I study VU Online's MBA without a undergraduate degree at VU Online?

Yes. Our Graduate Certificate in Business Administration is an alternative pathway to entering into our MBA program. The Graduate Certificate in Business Administration is essentially the first 4 units of our MBA and those without an Undergraduate can be considered as applicants provided that they meet and have 5 years of full-time work experience. Once this is completed, these units are transferred into the overall MBA program.

What does an MBA graduate do?

Depending on each individual and the industry they’re in, the overall aim for an MBA graduate is to be able to elevate their career and gain valuable leadership skills. That may translate into running a successful small business to leading multi-national corporations. Our graduates have undertaken diverse and rewarding career paths both locally and overseas.

Potential career leadership roles include:
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Director of Business Development
  • Senior Managing Consultant
  • Marketing/Communications Director
  • Human Resources Director
  • Financial Manager

Does an MBA increase salary?

An MBA has been designed to take your career to the next level in order to achieve your professional goals. This may come in the form of potential promotions, salary increases, or new business and leadership opportunities. We believe that completion of an MBA will not only enhance one’s learning and confidence, it will also help to open up new opportunities for growth.

Is the MBA globally recognised?

Yes, and we are also ranked among the world’s top 2% of universities.

How long does it take to complete an MBA on VU Online?

VU Online's MBA can be completed within 2 years, part-time at a minimum. However, you can complete this within 5 years as part of our flexible block model structure.

What do you learn in VU MBA Online?

Our Online MBA focuses on business leadership through career-based teaching and learning. This is to ensure our MBA graduates develop the problem solving and financial skills to meet ever-changing industry standards and the enterprise skills today's employers expect. Students will focus on areas such as strategic management, ethics, financial analysis and organisational change – skills that are essential for all future leaders, in any industry. Students will also have the opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded peers via our intuitive and immersive online learning environment. Each student can share their own professional industry experiences and participate in collaborative online sessions.

What specialisations are offered?

Aside from our general MBA, you can also streamline into Finance, Change Management and Economics for Business.

Can I choose my specialisation after I start studying?

Unfortunately not. You will have to know which specialisation you would like to do, prior to enrolling in our MBA (i.e. Finance, Change Management or Economics for Business). You will have to complete your specialisation units, before completing the remaining core MBA units.

Are there options to study more than one unit at a time?

There are options to take more than one unit at a time, but this is not generally recommended for individuals who are working full time. To take more than 1 unit at a time, a student must make an application and decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

Is an MBA worth it?

Absolutely. Whether it’s a promotion, a position with more responsibility or a whole new career you are looking to embark on, sharpening the breadth and depth of your professional skills will play an important role in your success. The skills and knowledge gained from an MBA can help accelerate your career, as well as your earning potential. Learn about your career options after an MBA here and why an MBA is worth it.


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