Advanced Finance

Advanced Finance

Unit code: BAO7001

Credit points: 12

This unit explores advanced financial decisions of corporate managers. The unit expands on the traditional project evaluation criteria by introducing real options and valuation techniques in the presence of uncertainty. Students will demonstrate the correct use of debt and equity as financing instruments and how to assess leases. The unit also provides examples of how to hedge a company’s cash flow and balance sheet from both domestic and international exposures. Students are exposed to authentic case studies to demonstrate the application of advanced financial decision making to real-life examples.

Learning outcomes


On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Explicate research methodologies and data sets commonly utilised in research in corporate finance.
  2. Critically evaluate issues that arise when raising debt finance and leasing arrangements.
  3. Justify financial decision-making through demonstration of correct use of analytical tools and frameworks.
  4. Critically review and evaluate the exposures to risk.
  5. Propose how organisation can employ different risk management instruments to hedge against financial risks.




The assessment for this unit has been designed specifically for our online students and will occur at various times across the seven-week study period.

Assessment activities may include essays, reports, case study analysis, tests and quizzes, reflective writing and/or business plans.


Related course/s


This unit is studied as part of the online Graduate Certificate in Finance.