Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Unit code: BMO6622

Credit points: 12

This unit investigates theoretical concepts of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship and the skills and competencies to apply this knowledge effectively to diagnoses the need for, identify and leverage an opportunity and create solutions to contemporary business or societal challenges both locally and globally. The unit provides an authentic and evidence-based learning experience of the study of the concepts of creativity, innovation, intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship in which learners engage and apply to planning, strategizing and decision making in professional, commercial and social contexts. The unit stimulates students to challenge the way in which entrepreneurs grow within, flourish and are perceived by and contribute to diverse societal contexts and to interpret this understanding to analysing and critiquing contemporary international entrepreneurial trends and dilemmas as responsible ethical and global citizens. Important paradoxes are posed for students to express the way in which human ingenuity translates to business endeavour which can have both positive and negative consequences individuals, societies and nations. Contemporary scenarios and examples are given to enable students to apply developing knowledge to create an entrepreneurial venture that generates economic, social or environmental benefit and which is sustainable.

Learning outcomes


On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Critically review the issues that influence how human creativity translates to innovation and entrepreneurship and how this transitional process is enabled and managed in different types of settings and organisational forms.
  2. Critically interrogate and evaluate the literature on entrepreneurship and apply that understanding to interpret the steps in the successful trajectory of entrepreneurial ventures.
  3. Abstract, analyse and apply knowledge of relevant literature to create stimulating and facilitating innovative visual and interactive activity to demonstrate and educate a range of audiences about entrepreneurship in a range of global and local.
  4. Integrate and deconstruct knowledge and learnings from a range of contexts and disciplines to conceptually map, apply and make recommendations for the management of innovation and entrepreneurship for a given organisational context.
  5. Demonstrate accountability in autonomous and collaborative judgements and innovative strategic thinking in response to contemporary and future business/ professional challenges through working collaboratively on an innovative new venture.
  6. Plan and execute a substantial evidence based multidisciplinary innovative project or business venture through the development of a business plan that is grounded in an authentic entrepreneurial proposition as a capstone experience that demonstrates a capability to generate and evaluate complex ideas and concepts at abstract and practical levels.




The assessment for this unit has been designed specifically for our online students and will occur at various times across the seven-week study period.

Assessment activities may include essays, reports, case study analysis, tests and quizzes, reflective writing and/or business plans.


Related course/s


This unit is studied as part of the online Master of Business Administration.