Get set, go: how to mentally prepare for online study

How to prepare for online study at VU
How to prepare for online study at VU
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There is no doubt about it, once you take a break from university, returning to study can feel daunting. If you’re preparing for online study, such as a master or graduate certificate, the thought of university assignments, projects and deadlines may be overwhelming.

It doesn't have to stay that way. A few tricks of the trade can help you to quickly find your groove and thrive in an online tertiary environment. At Victoria University (VU) Online, we know exactly how to prepare for online study – here are our top four tips for success.

Take advantage of flexible learning

Flexible postgraduate courses take the stress out the study experience because they allow you to tailor your schedule around existing commitments.

Our postgraduate courses offer in-built, flexible study options designed to meet the individual circumstances of our students. You can enrol in six units per calendar year to accelerate your studies; or when your schedule is crammed with work or family commitments, you might choose to dial down to allow for extra breathing space – it’s up to you.

Create a schedule

Good time management won’t just help you meet deadlines, it will ensure you feel mentally on top of your studies. Before each unit gets underway, get your head around what you need to achieve versus the time you have available to get it done.

Keep a diary or calendar that includes exam dates, assessment deadlines, appointments and work or family commitments displayed side-by-side. Be honest with yourself and set your priorities. Then, create a realistic study schedule and hold yourself accountable. If possible, set aside a few ‘non-negotiable’ study sessions each week and prioritise that time throughout your course.

Join the community

Embrace support services and opportunities for interaction that will enhance your study experience. At VU Online, you will be encouraged to actively participate in your cohort's online community and network. Join group discussions about coursework, interact regularly with academics and facilitators and make the most of their personalised feedback or advice.

Don't forget as a VU Online student, you will have access to a personal Student Success Advisor , who’s on standby to provide the support you need, when you need it. Your Student Success Advisor can help you to keep on top of course requirements, key dates, subject selection and re-enrolment.

Stay inspired

Keep your eyes on the prize. Mentally focus on your long-term study and career goals by regularly reminding yourself exactly why you chose to study in the first place. To stay motivated, reward yourself as you achieve each small milestone, such as completing a unit or finishing an assignment.

Postgraduate study is a significant journey. Feeling mentally prepared can make it easier, more enjoyable and ultimately, more rewarding.

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