Do you have time to study online?

Making the time to study
Making the time to study
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Many people understand that an MBA will benefit them, but dismiss the idea of postgraduate study because they simply don’t have the time to juggle a busy job with a family, social life and challenging degree.

It’s a fair point – or it was. Online study has changed higher education for even the busiest professionals.

Is online study possible?

It’s the 21st century; life is busy. Attending on-campus university classes every week simply isn’t an option for many aspiring leaders. At Victoria University (VU) Online, we make it easy to fit study around existing commitments including work, family and children.

The best online courses offer you the opportunity to study anytime, anywhere and access coursework, assignments and content wherever you have a device and access to the internet.

Our online learning platform is a virtual one-stop-shop that helps you manage your study commitments 24/7. At the same time, online courses offer an educational experience every bit as community-oriented and academically rigorous as learning on-campus would be.

Why VU Online’s MBA?

Our MBA is delivered completely online and – unlike traditional on-campus study – there are no predefined lectures that you’re required to sit through, because we understand such a model simply wouldn’t work for the majority of our students.

There is, however, a chance to study alongside people who live on the other side of the country or on the other side of the world. Your location doesn’t mean you can’t work closely and network with your fellow students, many of them accomplished businesspeople.

Business ethics and sustainability, marketing, finance, organisational change, innovation and entrepreneurship are just a selection of the business management principles you’ll cover as part of the online MBA course at VU Online. Plus, everything you learn online is designed to be applied in your work, in most cases straight away.

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