Why study your masters degree online at VU?

Why study online with VU?
Why study online with VU?
Study online

Postgraduate study can boost your earnings, broaden your career opportunities and increase your potential for promotion.

Yet for many would-be postgraduate students, the challenges of fitting on-campus study into an already busy life are real. Travelling to classes after work and managing a face-to-face study timetable around existing work and family commitments can make taking the postgraduate plunge seem way too hard.

At Victoria University (VU) Online, we aim to break down these barriers with our world-class, 100 per cent online graduate courses. Postgraduate study is now more accessible than ever.

So, what makes studying with VU Online different?

Highly flexible courses: a degree tailored to you

With a VU Online masters degree, you can progress through your course at your own pace. Unlike on-campus learning, the VU Online study model allows you to manage your workload to suit your schedule.


With six study periods each year and qualification milestones along the way, you can tailor your masters studies around the rest of your life.


An online masters degree gives you the freedom and flexibility to dial your study commitments back when external pressures are running high, or to pile on the subjects when your schedule clears up.

Unbound by location

Location is no barrier when your computer or smart device is your classroom. Study from the comfort of your lounge room, on a lunch break or while waiting for the kids to finish sport. Virtual technology means you can complete reading, work on set tasks, and even chat with fellow students anytime, anywhere.

Apply now to study your masters online at VU or contact us today for further information about how VU Online can help you create your postgraduate success story.

With VU Online, you can keep on living while you learn – there’s no need to compromise work or family while you go about achieving your career and study goals.

Unmatched student support

The VU Online community ensures you feel the camaraderie and support of facilitators and a like-minded cohort of fellow students. Easy access to online discussion groups, chats and forums makes the online study experience just as social as an on-campus course.

Meanwhile, from the moment you enrol at VU Online, your personal Student Success Advisor will provide you with any assistance you may need to stay on track. From subject enrolment to managing assessment deadlines or planning your study schedule, your Student Success Advisor is a responsive point of contact whose first priority is helping you achieve your dream qualification.

Apply now to study your masters online or contact us today for further information about how Victoria University Online can help you create your postgraduate success story.