Should I study an MBA?
Should I study an MBA?

Is an MBA the right degree for me?

Student preparation

Are you thinking about studying an MBA? Careful consideration of your career and life goals, course differentiators, benefits and entry requirements are all a great place to start when answering that all-important question: 'should I study an MBA?'

We uncover what distinguishes an MBA from other postgraduate courses and how to work out if it's the best study pathway for you.

An MBA is a broad course

This broad qualification aims to expand students’ skills and knowledge across wide-ranging business management disciplines. While most MBA students have a record of professional achievement in their chosen field, many want to complement their expertise in an area such as engineering, science, business, law or marketing, with a rigorous understanding of contemporary business practice.

An MBA course provides an opportunity to strengthen and enhance your skills across a  spectrum of business disciplines, from strategic and business leadership to ethics and sustainability.


This makes the MBA an ideal study pathway for professionals looking to gain deeper insight into best business, people and financial management practice.

Practical learning is a key focus

Most MBAs emphasise the practical application of knowledge. Applying what you learn in your workplace and using new knowledge to solve real challenges is one aspect of MBA study that many students find particularly valuable and rewarding. The opportunity to share experiences and obtain practical feedback from academics and fellow students is another highlight.

Taught by leading business academics

MBA courses are typically delivered by academics with a wealth of workplace experience and industry connections. Victoria University (VU) Online’s MBA is delivered by some of the country’s most dedicated academics – many of whom have corporate backgrounds – and who are trained to deliver meaningful, up-to-date online courses.

An MBA can propel your career to the next level

If you are looking for a promotion or salary increase, or even to change the course of your career, an MBA can help you achieve your goals.

According to the 2017 Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) Alumni Perspectives Survey, a higher business degree such as an MBA delivers “high employment rates, post-degree salary growth, career advancement and job satisfaction.”

The MBA is understood globally as the go-to postgraduate qualification, providing the foundational knowledge for best practice in business. It’s a reliable signal to your employer – current or future – that you understand complex business environments and have developed the essential strategic, analytical and financial skills required for effective business leadership.

Flexible study is possible

MBA students generally have several years’ work experience and may continue to work while studying. VU Online’s flexible study options make gaining an MBA online possible even in the context of a busy schedule that includes work and family commitments. Study anywhere, any time, network with academics and fellow students and complete each unit of study at a pace that suits your lifestyle.

If an MBA sounds like the right degree for you, find out more about enrolling in VU Online’s MBA course, or get in touch with a Student Enrolment Advisor today on 1300 043 531.