Research Project (Nursing Leadership)

Research Project 
(Specialisation: Nursing Leadership)

Unit code: HNO7901

Credit points: 12 

In this unit students will investigate a significant practice issue in their specialisation through undertaking a research project. Students will strengthen their evidence-based research capabilities drawing on the research project proposal from HNO6004 - Evidence and Research for Practice, Students will then engage in further evidence-based research to apply it to their specialisation healthcare setting through engaging in primary research or conducting a systematic review. Students will critically build on their review of the literature and employ either a qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods approach. Students will then demonstrate skills in data collection, data analysis, interpretation and dissemination of findings in the form of a report or journal article for publication.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Critically formulate, evaluate and rationalise your choice to investigate a significant issue in chronic disease and ageing; 
  2. Conduct a critical review of the literature; 
  3. Undertake independent evidence-based research; 
  4. Demonstrate skills in analysing, interpreting and disseminating research results; 
  5. Deliberate the implications of potential research findings for nursing practice, professional development or future research; and 
  6. Report findings in journal article format.


Assignment: Argument - Significance of proposed research project (500 words) - 10%
Presentation: Research proposal (1000 words) - 20%
Report: Evidence based research project (3000 words) - 70%

Related course/s

This unit is studied as part of the online Master of Nursing, specialisation in Nursing Leadership