Performance Management and Rewards

Performance Management and Rewards

Unit code: BMO6625

Credit points: 12

The unit of study critically reviews key trends and issues in performance management and rewards, and debates the strategic importance of issues arising from balancing critical elements within the system of rewards and performance management Students will: critical analyse performance management ethics through issues-based lenses critiquing expected as well as unintended strategic, organisational, team and individual outcomes that may emerge from performance management. Contemporary theory and practice in performance management will be contested through critical analysis and critical theory will inform critiques of the history of performance management; popular techniques for conducting performance evaluations; the links between performance evaluation and systems of remuneration and opportunities for employee development and promotion.

Learning outcomes


On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Critique key trends and issues in performance management systems and rewards.
  2. Critically analyse the tangible and intangible strategic value of performance management systems.
  3. Apply theory to practice in an action learning project on performance management and remuneration systems.
  4. Extrapolate from theoretical concepts and principles to propose and justify courses of action which facilitate decision making in a variety of performance management contexts, both locally and globally.
  5. Advocate conclusions to and justify professional decision-making to inter-disciplinary audiences demonstrating a high level of personal autonomy and accountability for both personal outcomes and those of the group.




The assessment for this unit has been designed specifically for our online students and will occur at various times across the seven-week study period.

Assessment activities may include essays, reports, case study analysis, tests and quizzes, reflective writing and/or business plans.


Related course/s


This unit is studied as part of the online Master of Business Administration.