Health and Wellbeing for the Older Person

Health and Wellbeing for the Older Person SPECIALISATION: CHRONIC DISEASE AND AGEING)

Unit code: HNO7004

Credit points: 12 

This unit will identify and clarify the role of the nurse to improve health outcomes and quality of life, for older people living with chronic disease. Using case studies and research, students will reflect on patient experiences, their interactions with the health system and self-management interventions and models. Students will investigate the effects of class, race, sexuality, gender and environment that influence a person's health and wellbeing and their motivations to manage positive lifestyle changes. Students will also investigate current evidence-based approaches that incorporate integrated care and self-management interventions to improve overall health. Students will critically reflect on best practices to work collaboratively with the individual, family and carers to address specific and individual needs to enhance patients' wellbeing and quality of life. Unit topics include investigating the promotion of a person-centred care approach, quality safety and risk and ongoing evaluation and maintenance of independence, choice, rights and quality of life.

Learning outcomes


On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Critically review case studies and evidenced based research about improving health and wellbeing for older people.
  2. Conceptually map health promotion and wellbeing frameworks and/or priorities that contribute to improved health and wellbeing.
  3. Critically apply appropriate integrated care interventions for older adults that encompass creating supportive environments and strengthening community collaboration.
  4. Design a plan that assists an older adult living to develop personal skills that contribute to them improving their health outcomes, wellbeing and quality of life.
  5. Interpret and contextualise self-management interventions and models to improve the health of a chosen case study.




Assignment: Conceptually mapping health promotion and wellbeing frameworks (500 words) - 10%

Portfolio: Reflection on patient experiences (2500 words) - 50%

Case Study: Evidence-based approaches to enhance wellbeing and quality of life (2000 words) - 40%


Related course/s


This unit is studied as part of the online Master of Nursing, specialisation in Chronic Disease and Ageing.