Care Coordination in Practice

Care Coordination in Practice

Unit code: HNO6002

Credit points: 12 

This unit explores the competencies registered Nurses need to work within inter-professional teams to provide coordinated care for clients with complex needs. The unit investigates strategies for working together effectively; making informed health care decisions and ensuring continuity of care for clients. This unit provides students with essential skills in utilising available resources effectively, health coaching and consultation, and the development of care plans that meet complex care needs. Students will further their skills in client advocacy and anticipatory care management, assessment of risk factors related to decline in a community context and determination of available alternatives for managing risks and balancing the needs and desires of clients. Key themes of the unit include exploring and practising the collection and management of client information across the continuum of services and how to negotiate potential service providers for best care package for client needs, including the management of subcontracted services.

Learning outcomes


On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Reflect critically on professional practice in the delivery of care coordination.
  2. Articulate consistency of care through clear communication, linkages and collaborative integrated care planning.
  3. Critically review and evaluate linkages across the acute setting, community services, self-management support, specialist care, flexible delivery models of care and shared clinical information systems.
  4. Formulate a holistic coordination of care plan for a person with complex and chronic healthcare needs.
  5. Demonstrate evidence-based practices in health coaching and consultation of care coordination.




Assignment: Reflection (500 words) - 10%

Assignment: Strategies for working in interdisciplinary teams (2000 words) - 40%

Assignment: Holistic coordination of care plan (2500 words) - 50%


Related course/s


This unit is studied as part of the online Master of Nursing and Graduate Certificate in Nursing.